Paul Rudd says filming opening of 'Living With Yourself' was 'awful'

Brenda Watkins
October 19, 2019

Tom Brady has a small role in Netflix's new cloning comedy series "Living with Yourself". InLiving With Yourself, whose eight-episode first season debuts Friday on Netflix, Rudd plays Miles, a schlubby copywriter who feels stuck in his comfortable but unexciting life.

Only this time, the body doesn't stay there.

Aisling Bea (as Kate Elliot): "Are you OK?"

"The thing I've come away with is, there is no one way to do it".

The actor, who appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday, would not reveal the secret to his seemingly endless youth and refused to dish about his upcoming "Ghostbusters" movie. Paul Rudd is amusing and fun to watch!

"So it truly ended up being easier for me furthermore to act with Paul", Bea persisted, "Or the ghost of a memory of what Paul did".

This is something that seems to have slipped by the middle-management and miserable Miles (Paul Rudd) in Living With Yourself. I thought this was really clever and interesting.

Aisling Bea: "It's nearly like the new Miles is washed of all the history that bogged the old Miles down".

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"And I had plenty extra sympathy, backwards for the ridiculous amount of hours Paul set apart in for months".

After filming the differing sets of images had been split and spliced collectively, and all that laborious labored paid off - when fans at final take a seat down to glance Residing with Your self, they'll be seeing double worship by no plot earlier than. "'How are they gonna get themselves out of this scenario?'"

Paul Rudd achieved his "Living with Yourself" dual role by having one of his characters' lines fed to him through an earpiece.

There is one thing inherently science-fiction concerning Paul cyprinid fish himself, a person World Health Organization is nearing fifty, however, would still get carded by any careful barkeeper in America, like he is part of some quite dystopian, artistic movement cabal that has discovered the way to overcome aging with a hi-tech treatment manufactured from vulnerable whale placenta and children's tears.

Paul plays both so well, we asked if he's anxious that, if he gets Emmy nominations for playing Miles and Clone Miles, that he'll split the vote.

"Whichever persona changed into riding the scene, we might perhaps perhaps maybe well movie that one first", Rudd outlined.

For anyone who has felt occasionally overwhelmed by daily life, there's something oddly fascinating about the show's mechanics, but without getting too philosophical about it, "Living With Yourself" also operates on a deeper level - contemplating, for lack of a better term, what makes you, well, you.

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