Quantum Supremacy Milestone Harnesses ORNL Summit Supercomputer

Katie Ramirez
October 25, 2019

Last month, Google announced that it had achieved a long-sought-after breakthrough in computing called "quantum supremacy".

We all know Google is trying hard on quantum computing, and as we all know this technology has existed for 30 years.

'We're hoping that when people start using this and looking at performance stability and cloud interface, they'll get really excited about what we have to offer at Google, ' John Martinis, the company's chief scientist for quantum hardware, told reporters.

IBM stated a supercomputer using a different set-up may resolve the same problem in under three days, while chip manufacturer Intel said: "quantum practicality" remained years away. Before some time, Google's paper linked to the acquisition was revealed on the Internet, after that, the Quantum Supremacy capability has been in news. It adopted weeks of controversy since a draft leaked over whether Google's declare of "quantum supremacy" was valid. The corporate is racing rivals along with IBM Corp and Microsoft Corp to be the first to commercialize the technology and promote it through its cloud computing business.

Google said it will make its supremacy-class processors available to collaborators and academic researchers, as well as companies that are interested in developing algorithms.

Pichai added, "Quantum computing will be a great complement to the work we do (and will continue to do) on classical computers". Quantum computers use quantum bits called "qubits", which can simultaneously be any combination of zero and one.

Quantum Computer harnesses properties of quantum physics and has the potential to sort through a vast number of possibilities in almost real-time and come up with a probable solution. This moment represents a distinct milestone in our effort to harness the principles of quantum mechanics to solve computational problems.

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It is comprised of a two-dimensional grid where each qubit is connected to four other qubits.As a outcome, the chip has enough connectivity that the qubit states quickly interact throughout the entire processor, making the overall state impossible to emulate efficiently with a classical computer.

In its most recent reported quarter ended in June, Quantum's net loss deepened to $2 million due to an increase in stock-based compensation expenses, compared to a loss of $875,209 in the year-ago quarter.

They then had the quantum computer detect patterns in a series of seemingly random numbers, and it succeeded in 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

Quantum computing holds the promise of performing complex calculations in seconds that would take the most advanced computers years to complete.

As a result, quantum computing is a national security priority to the United States government and China. This advancement will definitely, help in implication for future technology.

"Realizing the potential of quantum computing requires partnerships that leverage the strengths of innovators like Google and ORNL", ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia said. But unfortunately, you will not able to find a quantum chip in your present computer or laptop.

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