Google Acquires Fitbit for 2.1 Billion USD to Keep Up with Apple

Ruben Fields
November 5, 2019

The healthcare tech space could be worth $24 billion by 2020, according to an estimate from Statista.

Fitbit might be known for its fitness trackers, but it's not as popular when it comes to the smartwatch arena. Then followed the Versa, Versa Lite Edition and the Versa 2. Google seems to be very anxious about WearOS "progress as Counterpoint Research reports recently showed how fossils - the largest player in Wear OS, see the dip in the market share.Osterloh also talked about how this substantial investment will ensure that more" Made by Google clothing products coming to market.

Most observers were not convinced Google is in the deal entirely to sell devices. Actually, quite a lot that could help it finally break into the growing wearables market.

The acquisition, previous reports noted, indicated that the Pixel smartphone maker was invested in releasing a smartwatch of its own - and give Wear OS a massive boost, enough so that it can compete with the big names in the smartwatch market, particularly Apple's Apple Watch.

It's fair to say that Wear OS is already a competent smartwatch platform.

Basically, Fitbit will be absorbed into Google's fundament business, instead of staying a standalone company under the parent company Alphabet. This acquisition more than any feels like that's now possible.

Google's proposed acquisition of Fitbit appears set to receive a stiff response from some quarters, after a leading U.S. lawmaker called for the deal to be investigated.

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Why did Google acquire Fitbit?

"We believe Google is a natural fit".

There is a form of systems wherein Fitbit's PurePulse coronary heart price tracking would per chance maybe create Build on OS a more compelling platform.

"Google would surely like to learn from the data of the Fitbit consumers and subsequently launch a few Fitbit devices on Wear OS, which is not doing very well for the past several quarters as compared to Fitbit OS and Apple Watch". A more open development market could open up opportunities for app development. It got people thinking about hitting step goals and obsessing about hitting that dream 8 hours of sleep. But it doesn't have its own branded fitness wearable. It just works and works well.

As well to Pebble, thru Fitbit, Google has also got expertise and know-how from Vector, Coin, Fitstar and Twine Health.

The Apple Watch Series 4. The important thing here is that Google doesn't do what it has seemingly done in every other situation like this, which is to change its mind after only a short while. However, Fitbit controlling a bigger market share than Apple sometime in the future is not at all impossible. Recently, Google has purchased another money rolling brand.

Let's also not forget Google is a company that monetises data and it has, presumably, also acquired all the user data for Fitbit's 28 million active users. He noted Fitbit collects data like hours of sleep, heart rate and steps taken - information that is otherwise hard to amass. Back in January, French data regulator CNIL fined the company a record Euro 50m for breaching the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, with the judge claiming Google had failed to inform users of its methods for collecting data to personalize advertising. Osterloh added that Google "will never sell personal information to anyone", and Fitbit users would be given the choice to review, move, or delete their data. They can be easy to overlook, but more so than any feature Fitbit offers on its trackers, it's the social ones that keep people hooked. It could (with consent from users) analyse that data to identify trends like it did for the major sleep study it conducted previous year. Fitbit's employees may be less thrilled about their uncertain futures.

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