Fortnite superstar banned for life by creators for cheating

Ruben Fields
November 7, 2019

Jarvis said he only used the aimbots in solo play and training modes, not in competitive play, in the video, which has more than 7 million views.

He revealed the ban and confessed to cheating in a tearful YouTube video posted Sunday.

The ban has also resulted to a heated debate between popular gaming streamers Ninja and DrLupo during an online chat.

The biggest story that has dominated all of the headlines in the world of Fortnite recently is that of Jarvis getting permanently banned from playing Fortnite ever again. But you're going to have to either dig through social media or start playing to see what those changes entail, because Epic has stopped providing patch notes altogether - and nobody is quite sure why.

The 17 year old shared this emotional video on YouTube apologising to his fans for the ban and expressing his sadness at being excluded from the Fortnite community.

But they added: "This could be way higher, closer to $US50,000 ($A72,000), however we don't have access to things like video retention, geography, quality of viewers etc".

She told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper: "He's broken".

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I could see that she was trying to be understanding, but it was still confusing for her to actually get as to how that could be. It always strikes me as a little amusing how people tend to equate happiness with having a partner.

"It's obvious that I made a massive mistake". The company also included, "When men and women use aimbots or other cheat systems to achieve an unfair benefit, they destroy games for persons who are participating in rather".

Epic Games has a strict policy against cheating and exploiting game bugs, detailed in its Terms of Service.

"My youngest son Jarvis made a genuine, naive error of judgement and is now banned for life from something he loves".

The back in forth in this video shows the two sides of the argument over FaZe Jarvis' ban.

"I'm not trying to find a quick road out but being banned forever is just - a lifetime ban - is just, I just didn't think this would happen". Some suggest that Epic has imposed a ban only two weeks on the other pro players who caught colluding during a recent tournament.

We've reached out to Epic for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.

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