James Dean to be 'digitally resurrected' in Vietnam War film Finding Jack

Brenda Watkins
November 7, 2019

But that hasn't stopped Hollywood from casting legendary actor James Dean in the forthcoming Vietnam War-era drama Finding Jack, according to Variety on Wednesday.

Finding Jack's co-director/producer Anton Ernst announced via a statement that his company Magic City Films had received the blessing of the Rebel Without a Cause star's family.

"We searched high and reduced for the best character to portray the job of Rogan, which has some extraordinary elaborate character arcs, and after months of analysis, we made the decision on James Dean".

'The family views this as his fourth movie, a movie he never got to make.

In recent years, numerous films have brought deceased actors to life, including 2016's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in which Peter Cushing's performance as Grand Moff Tarkin was constructed using CGI even though he died in 1994. Yes, the same James Dean who died in 1955.

Dean went on to star in two more films, East of Eden and Giant. His career was cut short by his death in a auto crash aged 24.

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Finding Jack, which is based on Maria Sova and Gareth Crocker's novel, is a movie that takes places during Vietnam Ware, and CGI Dean has been cast a character named Rogan. This is very bad. Maybe we can get a computer to paint us a new Picasso.

The iconic star, who died in 1955 in a auto crash at the age of 24, will be resurrected for the screen thanks to the beauty (and horror) of CGI. Canadian special effects companies Imagine Engine (Game of Thrones, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) and MOI Worldwide (Vodaphone and University of Nicosia commercials) will create a puppet of the dead actor, which will be voiced by another actor doing an imitation of Dean. "The complete lack of understanding here is shameful".

"This opens up a whole new opportunity for many of our clients who are no longer with us", Mark Roesler, CEO of CMG Worldwide, which represents Dean's family, told The Hollywood Reporter.

The novel follows a soldier who bonds with a labrador called Jack during the conflict, but is ordered to leave the dog behind, along with thousands of others, when the United States military pulls out.

A different actor will lend his voice to what will be a secondary role for Dean's character.

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