Helen Mirren Responds To Being Mistaken For Keanu Reeves Girlfriend Alexandra Grant

Brenda Watkins
November 8, 2019

"He did a movie with my husband and he is fantastic the most lovely, lovely person", Helen published.

That seems to be the first question on many people's minds when the star of The Matrix films (1999 to 2003) was seen with his girlfriend, visual artist Alexandra Grant, in Los Angeles last Saturday (Nov 2).

"I observed that", Mirren informed ET - referring to the social media uproar - whilst on her individual pink carpet at the premiere of her new movie, "The Superior Liar", in NY on Wednesday. Alexandra helped the actor brood about the tragic past and supported him to heal through the agony.

Earlier this week we were happy to share the heartwarming news Keanu Reeves has a girlfriend.

The story was particularly sweet because the 46-year-old, whom Keanu has known for years and collaborated on multiple books, is the first woman he's gone public with (if that is indeed what this is) in 20 years.

With her gray hair, the artist and philanthropist was mistaken by some on social media for another lovely, silver-haired woman in Hollywood: 74-year-old actress Helen Mirren.

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Y'all I'm not gonna lie, I didn't have my glasses on the 1st time I noticed it right now and I thought Keanu Reeves was relationship Helen Mirren.

Needless to say, a large portion of the internet thought Keanu was dating Helen, because headlines read "Keanu Reveals New Girlfriend" and a quick glance at the picture showed him next to someone who looked like Helen Mirren (and why read a single word of the actual article?).

Helen Mirren now stars in 'The Good Liar' opposite Ian McKellen. The pair has recognized one another for years, as she illustrated Keanu's 2011 grownup's image ebook, Ode to Happiness to which he supplied the textual content.

"So she's a lucky girl and I'm sure that he's a lucky boy, " the English actress was quoted by ET as saying.

They have a joint venture, X Artists' Books, which works to produce titles that "wouldn't fly at larger imprints".

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