County Urges Vaccination After First Flu-Related Death of the Season

Grant Boone
November 9, 2019

Using a method developed at Public Health England with Dr. Katja Hoschler, gum-line samples, which were collected by participants themselves, were used to show that flu vaccine responses could be measured from the mouth as a potential alternative to blood testing. Vaccines may also be available through your physician and pharmacies.

For the week ending October 26, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reported 127 patient visits to health care providers with influenza-like illnesses, defined as fevers over 100-degrees Farenheit and a cough and/or sore throat without a known cause other than the flu.

Peak flu season is approaching, and Laramie's healthcare providers are trying to nip the influenza virus in the bud by encouraging the public to get flu shots.

"Children who have underlying medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to flu will be prioritised by Global Positioning System first", she said.

Overall, there were 582 new confirmed influenza cases nationwide over the most recent seven-day period reported, bringing the total cases reported since the start of the current flu season to 1,978. It urged people to get vaccinated.

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Scientists found that the flu vaccine triggered effective immune responses in people living with HIV who were taking ART and in whom HIV was entirely suppressed. It was the second flu-related death reported in the USA since the start of the 2019-20 flu season. Idaho and Nevada reported localized flu activity, while Wyoming is reporting only sporadic activity. These high-risk individuals, those who live or care for them or anyone that can not get a flu shot should especially get vaccinated and take preventative actions. Preventing the spread of influenza is important in protecting infants, who can not be vaccinated immediately following birth.

"Nationally, flu activity is low and similar to what has been observed during recent previous seasons at the same time, but Louisiana and Puerto Rico both continue to experience high levels of influenza-like-illness", the CDC report noted.

"We do tend to see an uptick in flu cases here on campus after those breaks", said Bender.

Affected children in at-risk groups are advised to go to their GP, where they will be given priority to receive the injected vaccine.

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