Got a weird text? A telecom vendor says it's to blame

Daniel Fowler
November 9, 2019

If you received a weird text message in the middle of the night Wednesday, you sure aren't alone.

Coll said her sister also received a delayed message that she had sent about planning to visit to see their mother. Some said they received text messages from ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends that led to awkward conversations. Syniverse typically deletes messages that don't go through.

On social media, some expressed concerns about privacy, anxious just how long message data is retained. A mysterious wave of missives swept phones in Canada and the US overnight, delivering largely unintelligible messages from friends, family and the occasional ex.

One Twitter user who goes by KuribHoe said: "I just got a text from my bestfriends phone only issue is she's been dead since February".

So many people had mentioned the odd texts on social media by mid-day on Thursday that it became apparent that some systemic glitch had sent the texts to users across the U.S. "The last few months haven't been easy and just when I thought I was getting some type of closure this just ripped open a new hole".

Marissa Figueroa, a 25-year-old from California, got an unwanted message from an ex she had stopped talking to - and then he got one from her as well. "I believe we should have a reasonable right to privacy, but of course someone is looking at everything, you got to be careful, you have to take care of yourself", he says.

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Alana Johnson, a kid's librarian at the LA Public Library, said the glitch resulted in her boss receiving a text from her at 1: 15 a.m. saying she would be out sick.

"Thankfully she was kind about it", Johnson mentioned.

According to a Sprint spokesperson, the issue was caused due to a "maintenance update" and was resolved soon after it occurred. "We apologize for any confusion this may have caused", the rep said.

"We're aware of this and it is resolved", a spokesperson said.

Verizon referred CNN Enterprise to Syniverse.

Initially, Syniverse said "168,149 previously undelivered text messages were inadvertently sent to multiple mobile operators' subscribers", citing "an internal maintenance cycle" as the cause. Syniverse didn't immediately respond to a request for more details.

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