Facebook’s annoying red notification dots can now be disabled

Ruben Fields
November 14, 2019

It seems the social networking giant has realized how users hate these notifications.

Much as you might like to know when somebody up the road is trying to flog an ancient baby monitor, Facebook's overbearing notifications can be a pain. The notification dot would appear even after checking all the notification from the notification bar, which was annoying for most of the users. After all, if you never use the Marketplace, there's little point in cluttering up the screen with a permanent shortcut to it. Since it has become harder for the company to increase the size of its user base, the company has had to depend on existing users and convincing them to spend more time on the platform.

Over the weekend TechCrunch noticed the choice to take away sure tabs like Market, Watch, Teams, Occasions, Profile, Pal Requests, Information, At the moment In, Gaming and Relationship or simply silence their notification dots. Customers already get necessary alerts that they might truly management through their Notifications tab. A menu pop-up will show the option to remove it completely. So now you can make the interface user-friendly by turning off Facebook notification dots for some icons on the shortcuts bar.

TechCrunch first reported about the change, and Facebook confirmed it later. Facebook in fact confirms that there is a new option called Shortcut Bar Settings where you will be able to do these things and it is already rolling out to some users.

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The good news is that in the next Facebook updates with one click we can choose which elements will appear in the toolbar.

We get several notifications from Facebook each day on our smartphones.

You can also decide what you want to see on your shortcut bar.

To access the newly introduced options, you just need to tap and hold any of the buttons in the shortcut bar. A menu will pop up with two options: "Remove from shortcut bar" and "Turn off notification dots".

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