Google Maps to receive inbuilt translation features

Ruben Fields
November 15, 2019

Google is integrating bits of Translate into Maps and they will automatically be available when you're in a country where the local tongue is different from you speak back at home. What's more, at last, this interpretation bolster makes Google's items all the more dominant and aggressive - and for customers, progressively helpful.

Translate for Google Maps is rolling out this month on both Android and iOS with 50 languages supported and more on the way. Users can continue to communicate with local people by translating subsequent phrases (such as "Thank you for your help").

Normally if you're in a foreign-language region, Google Maps will show the English put-name adopted by the title in the neighborhood language down below it. Google has now integrated one of its useful services which is Google Translate into the navigation app.

Google Maps has made our lives extremely convenient.

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Currently, the U.S. based search engine started rolling out incognito mode for Google Maps to Android devices. This will also help to obtain an accurate translation of the geographical names and addresses.

If you need more translations beyond your destination's name and address, you can press the "Get more translations" button within Maps.

To pinpoint your coordinates, Maps uses your phone's rough Global Positioning System location and Street View's vast image database to determine exactly where you are.

This is also the first time that Google has established a deep integration between the two platforms of map and translation to further enhance synergy.

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