Replay feature is Apple Music's answer to Spotify Wrapped

Ruben Fields
November 15, 2019

Apple Music Replay playlist curates songs users listened to the most during the year.

Available on the web, in the Mac Music app, and the Music app on iOS devices, the Replay feature aggregates top songs of the year, while also providing playlists for past years too. Not only that, you'll also get to see a breakdown of your favorite artists and how often you listen to them. There's also a breakdown of your top 10 favorite albums and how often you listen to those as well. All songs alongside playlists can be added to the Apple Music Library to allow users to stream them anytime they want.

As with other Apple Music playlists, these Apple Music Replay playlists can be shared.

Apple is bringing a new feature to its music streaming service in the hopes to bring Apple Music on par with Spotify and other similar services. Once you start using the feature, it updates weekly. Perhaps this is what Apple was shooting for - a rolling playlist that changes throughout the year and caps it off December 31. An easier way to do this is by simply visiting

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Spotify has dabbled in showing song lyrics during playback in the past, with its Behind the Lyrics feature being its most widely rolled out implementation to date - although it's more focused on discovering the meaning behind an artist's most tracks than the words themselves. Apple Music Replay, however, is an ongoing experience where the playlist evolves throughout the year, not just an annual review.

The introduction of Apple Music Replay is an effort on Apple's part to challenge Spotify. The feature closely resembles Spotify's Wrapped feature with some changes. The webpage will then generate an Apple Music subscriber's personalised playlist consisting of all the most-played songs from 2019 so far.

Last year, several third-party tools cropped up to generate year-end playlists for Apple Music.

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