Stadia Developers Reveal Missing Launch Features in Reddit AMA

Ruben Fields
November 15, 2019

Other interesting answers included that Stadia may use up to 20GB per hour at its highest visual quality (ouch), and regular games as freebies will be included in the Stadia Pro subscription.

Next week Stadia will finally become a commercial service for Google.

The company also says that they will be adding features rapidly, much like they do with search or YouTube which is a good thing as there are quite a few items that are missing on day one.

As we're inexorably being sucked into the Christmas season, let's inject some festive tomfoolery to lessen the smack around the chops this news might be if you've been getting excited for Stadia.

Yep, during a Reddit AMA, Stadia director of product Andrey Doronichev confirmed that the game streaming service is going to launch without a lot of key features.

Chromecast Ultra Support, Kind of - Stadia will be able to stream to Chromecast Ultras, but at launch only the Chromecast Ultras that ship with the Stadia controllers will be compatible.

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Google also made some new announcements in the AMA including "The Claw" a specially designed mount that will attach your smartphone to your Stadia controller. You'll have to use that app and your phone every time you want to buy a game though. "It will be sold exclusively through the Gstore and available for purchase in the coming weeks", said Doronichev. And Google would like to remind users that even if they don't get their Stadia controllers on day one, Stadia makes it so they can stream games to their Chrome browsers or Pixel phones on day one with a Stadia account. You will be able to use existing Google Play Credits, or Google Play gift cards to buy games.

Do note that the table above does not provide an exhaustive list of controllers that may be used with Stadia.

Also, if you have another Chromecast and want to use that to beam games to a secondary TV, you're out of luck - because the firmware on the Stadia versions is further ahead, so you'll have to wait for that firmware to go live "soon after launch". That's when the promised "Buddy Pass" codes will work.

Founders Edition buyers will be disappointed to know that they won't have any friends to play with, either, as Buddy Passes won't be sent out for weeks after launch.

Doronichev was less forthcoming about the timeline for said achievement UI, but he did reveal a bit more about when family sharing will become available.

For those intending on streaming Stadia to their PCs, don't expect 4K, HDR or 5.1 Surround Sound until next year. The devs fielded questions ranging from how achievements will work to when iOS support will roll out.

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