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Brenda Watkins
November 15, 2019

With its eye-popping animation, world-building, and character exploration, Frozen II is nominally a slight improvement on its predecessor. Get the film wrong and it could damage the legacy of a franchise that's become absolutely beloved.

-This is something that probably deserves its own separate post, but there are a shocking number of parallels between Frozen II and Annihilation, another film about a woman venturing in a mysterious forest populated by magical creatures and protected by an impenetrable barrier where she discovers things about herself as part of her transformation into a new person. And it is. It's very good. However, that success is not without a few hiccups. While "Into the Unknown" is the supposed to be the featured song of Frozen 2, it's actually "Show Yourself" with Idina and Evan Rachel Wood that's the best song in the film. So, off she goes, along with sister Anna (Kristen Bell), snowman Olaf (Josh Gad), doofy Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Sven the reindeer. All is well until Elsa starts hearing a voice coming from a faraway land. In her soothing lullaby, "All is Found", there's a message that will shape the story.

"I'm thankful now that it's out that I can no longer get sued by Disney". In between they packed in songs from Snow White, Mary Poppins, Pocahontas and even newer movies like Coco. The pace rarely lets up from there either. With "Let It Go" we had something fresh, contagious and vibrant and in "Frozen 2" great efforts are made to replicate that feeling but staying far from getting it.

Taken out of context, the story itself is hugely epic and fascinating, with enough mystery and revelation to drive the film from beginning to end. Some aspects of the story don't work as well, though visually the film is a treat. These two sisters have been through a lot, but it's love that connects them through it all.

With the film's premiere just a week away (November 22nd!), there's not much time left to get the princess in your life merched out for the theatre! Shrewdly, Anna and Elsa are teamed up for a bulk of the story, this enabling their connection to be more believable. That may be a little shocking for a Disney movie, but it's necessary in order to fully explore Elsa and Anna's emotional journey. Robbie Colin revealed: "I sung it to myself for the entire train journey home, fell asleep singing it, woke up singing it, and am in fact still singing it right now, while typing this". That one is staged so strangely, you nearly won't believe what you are watching.

That scene, along with all the rest of them, is a visual marvel.

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Frozen is one of the most popular movies of the last decade, and I'm willing to bet it's one of the most-watched movies on Disney Plus in the first week of the streaming service's existence. Whereas the first movie focused more on the familial love between Anna and Elsa, she says that this sequel will delve more into the romance between Anna and Kristoff this time. The review there also says that Frozen II is better than the first Frozen in total, but that, specifically, the structure of the plot has some serious and glaring issues.

What makes Anna and Elsa unique is that they have each other.

Disney's platoons of digital wizards repeatedly quench our thirst with jaw-dropping set pieces including a thrilling gallop over crashing waves of an angry sea astride an untamed water horse.

But carbon copies are not always good enough, particularly so when the original defies replication, even by the most dedicated, prolific, and successful cartoon studio in history. Nevertheless, the newbies have their moments and all together make for a grander experience. Olaf and eventually the other characters use the moniker that "water has memory" repeatedly to advance the plot of "Frozen II". "We wanted that again to be the strong relationship of family in the movie". Yes, the story is a bit too dense and parsed out a little awkwardly, but that's also a testament to just how deep the mythology goes this time around. And this Thanksgiving season, it's a fine meal indeed.

Frozen II is released in United Kingdom cinemas on November 22, 2019.

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