John Carmack leaving Oculus CTO position

Ruben Fields
November 16, 2019

Carmack is known for a lot of things in the world of technology, including being the founder of Armadillo Aerospace, being the lead programmer for id Software (which he also co-founded) and for games including "Commander Keen", "Wolfenstein 3D", "Doom", and "Quake".

Just one day after earning the Accenture Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to the virtual reality industry, Oculus CTO, John Carmack, has announced that he will be taking a step back from Oculus and will be spending more time working on artificial intelligence instead.

John Carmack laid the foundations for many of today's modern first-person shooter.

Thus, Carmack has chose to wade into the waters of artificial general intelligence, a field he described as "enormously valuable" and one that he believes he has a chance of making a difference in.

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Carmack now styles himself as a "Victorian Gentleman Scientist". He will stay in a "counseling CTO" position at Oculus, where he will "even now have a voice" in the improvement work at the organization.

He'll still be a part of development for Oculus, but this will be a "modest slice" of his time now, and he feels he has a "non-negligible chance of making a difference" with AGI, hence he's working on it, pursuing his interest from home with his son. "I've typically wondered how I'd fare with an issue the place the answer actually isn't in sight", he mentioned of the subject. He wanted to give it a try before he is too old. Prior to this, coming up with a way to build cost-effective nuclear fission reactors was a close second.

"I'm often kind of grumpy around the office because I really haven't been satisfied with the pace of progress that we've been making", he said earlier this week. Carmack will apparently do this on his own accord and may not be doing AI research for Facebook itself.

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