Deputy tackles teen quadruple amputee in group home

Clay Curtis
November 17, 2019

Deputies were called to a group home in the Tucson area after the teenager, identified only by his first name, Immanuel, knocked over a trash can and started yelling at workers.

Recorded on cellphone video tackling a 15-year-old quadruple amputee and assaulting another teenager in handcuffs, an Arizona deputy is under investigation for use of excessive force. Further details about what prompted the call are not readily available at the time of this writing.

In the video, the teen - identified only as Immanuel - can be seen lying face down on the floor of the group home, screaming, clearly distraught, and demanding the officer stop shouting at him and let him go.

Deputy Van Santen, who has been with the sheriff's office for 11 years, then turns his ire to the teen shooting the video, telling him to "shut the hell up".

"Hey, you asked him a question and he answered", he tells the deputy.

The unidentified Pima County Sheriff's deputy encountered the teenager, Immanuel, on September 26 whereas responding to a report that he had kicked over a rubbish can and verbally threatened an worker, KOLD experiences.

"I will raise my voice to you whenever the [expletive] I want, you understand?" the officer shouts.

In a video provided by the Pima County Public Defender's Office and released by KOLD, a policeman is shown holding down and eventually tackling the Tucson, Ariz. teenager as his 16-year-old housemate records the September 26 incident.

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Feinman says this goes beyond a case of police brutality and highlights systemic problems in American law enforcement.

The video was captured several months ago by another teenager in a group home, and when it was presented to the sheriff's department by the news station, the department said it had no knowledge of the footage.

The unnamed deputy was not wearing a body camera at the time of the incident.

"These are kids who have been traumatized", Mr. Feinman added.

While cuffing the 16-year-old's hands behind his back, the deputy suddenly slammed the teen's head against the wall for no justifiable reason. "It should have never happened, and men with badges and guns shouldn't behave that way".

Authorities arrested and charged Immanuel and C.J. with disorderly conduct. "We're public defenders, so we have an iron stomach for a lot of things, but this was especially bad". After reviewing the video of the arrests, the Pima County Attorney's office dropped the disorderly conduct charges against Oloya.

The boy is a ward of the state and resides in a group home in Tucson because he was abandoned by his parents, according to local media.

Public defenders for the young men shared with reporters that they cried the first time they watched the shocking footage, saying, "We're public defenders, so we have an iron stomach for a lot of things, but this was especially awful".

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