Dontnod Introduces Tell Me Why, a New Game Featuring a Transgender Lead

Ruben Fields
November 17, 2019

This is where players meet Tyler and Alyson Ronan, twin siblings who use their bond to look back at their troubled childhood as they search for a way forward.

Set in a small town in Alaska, Dontnod says Tell Me Why is aiming to be another narrative adventure with truth at its core. Have a peek in the...

Tyler will be a transgender person and their representation is something Dontnod has been keen to get right. It'll be available on Xbox One and PC - the latter on both the Windows Store and Steam.

In keeping with the reputation instilled by the acclaimed Life Is Strange franchise, Tell Me Why is set to be a further foray into a compelling, emotionally-driven story.

DONTNOD added that it'd been working with LGBTQ+ advocacy group GLAAD to ensure that Tyler was an authentic character and representative of "the trans experience".

You can check out the reveal trailer for Tell Me Why down below.

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You'll be able to play as both twins throughout the story of course, and both are "equal heroes" throughout the campaign.

"Tyler is a fully-realized, endearing character, whose story is not reduced to simplistic trans tropes", Nick Adams, director of transgender representation at GLAAD said.

Convey to Me Why is the next narrative journey match from Lifetime is freakish developer Dontnod, Microsoft has introduced tonight all via X019.

"Over the study course of the story, players will examine the similar twins' various recollections of essential events and choose which memory to think", director Florent Guillaume claimed. Your choices will affect the main mechanic of the game, which is that bond between the twins, and will affect their future lives.

The first transgender character to lead a story line in a video game has been debuted by Xbox Games Studios, "raising the bar" for the industry.

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