Jon Favreau Desires One other Star Wars Vacation Particular!

Brenda Watkins
November 18, 2019

After that shocking reveal in the premiere, we're officially onto our second Mandalorian episode of the week.

They all travel together to a cave, where the Mandalorian encounters a creature that looks a whole lot like a rhinoceros (maybe it's some form of a reek?).

As the baby Yoda and the Mandalorian head through the caverns, they're ambushed by a group of raiders. One of those fans is apparently Jon Favreau, the creator of the successful new Disney+ series The Mandalorian, who actually has the power to do something about that.

After finding his small prize, The Mandalorian makes his way back to his ship, only to see it being ransacked by Jawas. It's a great way to really create a sense of fear surrounding the character because if the audience fears for his safety, then it's easier to care about the character. He is shown to care for the little Yoda (which will be the term usage for the time being as the species has yet to be named in canon) he is transporting, which endears us to both of them.

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Upon acquiring his valuable "target" - a 50-year old child of the same species as the venerable Yoda - at the close of the pilot, the Mandalorian aka Mando aka Dyn Jarren (per a recent Pedro Pascal interview) nearly immediately ran into interference, in the form of a trio of Trandoshans. Let's marinate on an episode that sounds like it was crafted by 7-year-aged me: "So, a bounty hunter and a infant Yoda and an ugnaught hitch a experience from a bunch of Jawas, and the infant Yoda eats a freaky lizard, and..." But considering episode one teased a morality to the seemingly stone-cold bounty hunter - not to mention baby Yoda saving him from certain death over an egg - it's hard to see him actually following through with the mission.

This series may be The Mandalorian but as far as I'm concerned, Kuiil is the real M.V.P. of episode two, coming through in every way while the titular bounty hunter worked on his helmeted brood.

For the most part, audiences are enjoying the first episode. Just as we'd expect from the best bounty hunter in the Parsec, Mando makes quick work of them.

From his hidden perch, Mando blasts a handful of Jawas, spooking them into taking off in their massive Sandcrawler - with most of the Razer Crest parts. Whether it be the opening fight with the Trandoshans (another deep cut) or the fight at the end, the worst fight is easily the one that tries to emulate a style of a time long past. A major element of the show past the first episode is a surprise, and it's an adorable surprise.

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