Nintendo is adding subscriptions to 'Animal Crossing' on mobile this week

Ruben Fields
November 19, 2019

If you loved the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass, then you'll love what they're adding to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp this week.

The news was announced via in in-game alert, with more information said to be coming in videos on November 20th, 2019. One will let you appoint an animal as your camp caretaker to get extra help around camp.

The membership service comes in two different plans.

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Full details on the new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp membership service is slated to arrive later this month.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launched in October 2017 and is now celebrating its second anniversary via an in-game event. People who pay will get fortune cookies, which are essentially little loot boxes that will contain a piece of clothing or furniture of varying degrees of rarity. Have you spent any money on this game?

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