Rumour: Valve are about to announce a VR game called Half-Life: Alyx

Ruben Fields
November 19, 2019

The source is apparently the same leaker responsible for the DOTA Underlords leak, and is quoting from an interview between "Geoff" (Geoff Keighley, in his capacity as the creator of the "Final Hours" documentaries about Valve games), Robin Walker (co-developer of Team Fortress 2 among other games), and an unnamed third person. Well, it'll nearly certainly revolve around the character Alyx Vance's perspective, considering the title of the project.

We don't as of now have any subtleties past the tweet from Valve above, which gives off an impression of being the primary tweet from another, Twitter-confirmed Valve Software account built up in June. We now have gotten hints that they could probably extra exactly be defined as "Magnet Gloves", in that they let avid gamers magically place to and entice distant issues to your arms. In June, the company entered the VR hardware market by launching its own headset called the Valve Index, which starts at $499.

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There's a catch though - it's a title that's been designed specifically for VR headsets, so PC players who have none will have to skip the experience.

Valve's VR recreation style groups share the exact frustrations with been-there-VR'ed-that quests. Some have used compelling mechanics but have run out of clean concepts all way too speedily. The last image of the game is Alyx, his daughter, holding his body. "Which you know is a fair concern for people, right?" The small little bit I know about hand manipulation in the sport has me tingling with excitement. Even so, it's worth noting that Valve announced they would be launching a flagship VR title back in April, though if the leaked transcript is to be believed, that would put Half-Life: Alyx outside Valve's expectation to launch their VR game in 2019. Will it essentially be long adequate in phrases of a satisfying single-participant campaign? Will its plot's mysteries, as staged regarding two necessary video video games within the sequence, be provided in highly effective sequences noticed from a VR viewpoint? But then, I'm very sure Half-Life 3 could in no way be Fifty percent-Existence 3 enough to make up for the time we have expended ready, if you get my which means.

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