Baby Yoda GIFs are back after ‘confusion’ led to removal

Brenda Watkins
November 28, 2019

Giphy, a database of the mini-videos, had been removing animated GIF files of the Star Wars character from the new Disney Plus streaming series "The Mandalorian".

But while there finally being an assortment of official Baby Yoda merch for you to bag is obviously a fantastic occasion, not everyone finds the image or the product assortment available satisfactory.

And someday, just someday, we may finally learn the creature's true name as well as its race, because we can't very well go around calling it "Baby Yoda" the rest of our lives, can we?

Fans have been swamping social media with memes and gifs featuring the character, and the hype quickly became mainstream.

Still, if you're eager to have a Baby Yoda product under the tree, here are some picks. "People can't stop sharing Baby Yoda memes (and we don't want them to)", shrieked a headline on CNN last week.

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The immediate reaction upon witnessing the creature popularly known as Baby Yoda in the television program The Mandalorian is two-fold.

He protec. He atac.

That being said, there are a lot of movies starring Yoda (or "Busted Yoda"), and Vanity Fair claims that Star Wars fans in Disney's amusement parks are Galaxy & # 39; s Edge are so desperate with Baby Yoda's clothes that they "claim stuffed dolls".

A Giphy spokesperson told Gizmodo "Last week, there was some confusion around certain content uploaded to GIPHY and we temporarily removed these GIFs while we reviewed the situation", a Giphy spokesperson told Gizmodo via email.

Giphy says it's sorry to Disney for any inconvenience.

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