World’s first HIV-positive sperm bank opens in New Zealand

Grant Boone
November 28, 2019

Mark Fisher, executive director of Body Positive said many people living with HIV aren't aware affective treatment meant they could live without fear.

Their three donors, while HIV-positive, have a "consistently undetectable viral load" reports Radio New Zealand, meaning that the amount of the virus in a person's blood is so low that, with treatment, it can not be passed on - even through condomless sex or childbirth. Although their HIV hasn't been cured, their treatment is working well and the virus can't be passed on, even through sex without a condom or childbirth.

Instance: Damien Rule-Neal, an HIV-positive donor, married, father of two youngsters and three grandchildren.

He said: "With the unveiling of this campaign, we are joining the rest of the global community to raise the consciousness of all Nigerians to the fact that undetectable viral load equals to untransmittable virus".

He said there remains a lack of education among the New Zealand public regarding what an undetectable status entails, and that he had experienced stigmatization about living with HIV in both his personal life and work.

"Being able to help others on their journey is so rewarding, but I also want to show the world that life doesn't stop post-diagnosis and help to remove the stigma".

'Stigma can result in inconsistent taking of medicines, and lead to a lot much less efficient remedy of HIV, and danger of transmitting HIV.

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Stating this during the launch of the U-Campaign in Abuja recently, he said access to treatment and testing will help the country achieve zero new HIV infections and reduce stigma for Nigerians living with the virus.

As well as informing the public, the online clinic aims to give people diagnosed with the virus the opportunity to create life and to raise awareness that fertility services are available for them.

The web financial institution, initiated by the New Zealand AIDS Basis (NZAF), Optimistic Girls Inc and Physique Optimistic, was launched forward of World Aids Day 2019, on December 1.

It said it will not operate as a fertility clinic but if a match is agreed by both parties, Sperm Positive will put the parties in touch with local fertility clinics.

HIV is spread by certain body fluids, including blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and breast milk. "Therefore, when Nigeria says that Undetectable viral load equals untransmittable virus, Nigeria is joining the worldwide community in basing her position on solid scientific evidence", he said.

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