Lick From His Dog Proves Fatal

Grant Boone
November 29, 2019

Should you contract flu-like symptoms after being licked by your dog, health officials encourage pet owners to "urgently seek medical advice when their symptoms exceed those of a simple viral infection", per the report.

The disease contracted by the man, who was admitted to Red Cross Hospital in Bremen, Germany, was due to the bacterium capnocytophaga canimorsus.

The most severe types of these infections are found in patients exhibiting immunodeficiency, splenectomy or alcohol abuse.

When the man arrived at the Red Cross Hospital, he reported severe symptoms for three days, such as an elevated temperature and difficulty breathing (dyspnoea). However, on the third day of feeling sick, he developed purplish spots on his face caused by broken blood vessels under his skin and pain in his lower extremities, so he headed to the doctor. They traced the infection to the bacterium capnocytophaga canimorsus, which is found in the mouths of many dogs and cats but rarely passed to humans, who survive about 75% of cases.

In addition, he had kidney injury and liver dysfunction, as well as hypoxia, lack of bloodflow to the muscles, and he wasn't urinating.

But by the time he sought medical help he had severe sepsis and purpura fulmians - an often fatal disorder in which small blood vessels coagulate, leading to blood spots and discolouration as areas of the skin dies. Doctors suspected that he might have meningitis, but he was lacking some characteristic symptoms like a headache and stiff neck, so they investigated further. His skin too started rotting, leading to a cardiac arrest.

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On the fourth day of hospitalization, blood tests came back and identified the Capnocytophaga canimorsus bacteria.

His condition kept on deteriorating, with fungus developing on his lungs, blisters all over his body, as well as fluid-build up on his brain, which resulted in permanent damage. "Despite extensive intensive care, his conditions deteriorated and he died from multiorgan failure".

Similar cases have recently been seen in the States.

In May, doctors amputated an OH woman's legs and hands after she contracted a capnocytophaga canimorsus infection, likely caused when her puppy licked an open cut, CNN reported. It occurred after her dog licked an open cut.

And a year ago surgeons amputated parts of a Wisconsin man's nose and limbs, including both hands and feet, after the same bacteria got into his body.

"Physicians confronted with such sufferers must peaceful depend on about contact with dogs and cats".

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