Leaked PlayStation 5 dev kit photo sets tongues wagging

Ruben Fields
December 1, 2019

After an illustrated image of the PlayStation 5 devkit appeared to be confirmed by a game developer last August, a new image - this time of the real thing - has appeared on Twitter. Leaked images of the kits appeared online, and fans were surprised to see what this dev-only version of the PS5 looked like. Shown below is a PS5 devkit image that shows two units sitting comfortably next to each other.

The game development kits for Sony's iteration of the next generation of consoles are out and about and in the hands of game developers.

The prototype PS5 controller now being sent to developers is described as "an unlabelled matte-black doohickey" that looks very similar to PS4's DualShock 4, but Sony has confirmed some significant additions.

The leaked PS5 devkit featured a giant v-shaped divet in the center, thought to represent a Roman Numeral V. Vents line the inside of the V, along with a silver and black dual-tone look to the outer shell.

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Update: In our excitement, we originally believed a comment that the blurred text on the dev kit read "Demons Souls prototype", before realising that said tweeter is just as over-excited about next-gen ports as we are.

The latest leak can be found on Twitter, where a user has posted a photo with the caption "PS5 anyone?".

Tom Warren, editor in chief at the Verge, today revealed some information about the Xbox Scarlett devices. The cooling system is now optimized to blow out hot air from the sides and the middle of the console.

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