Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey Wants To Live In Africa

Daniel Fowler
December 1, 2019

Over the past few weeks, Dorsey, who famously called Bitcoin the "best bet to be the Internet's currency" earlier this year and gave a shout out to the cryptocurrency in an official Square earnings call, has been traveling across Africa seemingly in search of innovation.

"Sad to be leaving the continent.for now", Dorsey tweeted on Wednesday.

Lagos, Nigeria's chief executive (CNN Business) Twitter Jack Dorsey has closed a whirlwind tour of Africa with a promise to move to the continent for several months in 2020. One of these companies is the exchange platform Paxful, which already has an office in Nigeria and has built schools in other countries in the region such as Rwanda.

While Dorsey is sure that Africa will play an integral role in the future of Bitcoin, he has asserted that the cryptocurrency is still not ready to become a fully-fledged currency.

It's not clear what prompted Dorsey's decision to live on the African continent next year, but he did spend nearly the entire month of November there, visiting several countries during the trip: Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

During his visit to Nigeria, Dorsey met with entrepreneurs and young artists, as well as Twitter board member Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, an economist and former managing director of the World Bank.

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"Africa is not getting big into Bitcoin - they have been using Bitcoin for years and taught us everything we know about what the true use cases of Bitcoin are".

Quoted Replies is a Twitter bot that pulls together quoted replies on the platform. Yet the Twitter CEO is not the only tech exec who has recently shown interest in the continent.

The Kenyan tech entrepreneur John Karanja launched "BitHub" which is an incubator for cryptocurrencies, in 2015 and it has been expected by Ethiopia's government that their economy will definitely 3million jobs in coming years.

In Ethiopia, he heard about startup pitches.

The technology industry in Africa is now experiencing rapid growth.

Google (GOOGL), Microsoft (MSFT) and Huawei are among worldwide tech giants that have expanded their operations in Ghana, targeting software developers and young creatives on the continent.

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