Pete Davidson Asks Fans to Sign $1 Million NDA Before Comedy Show

Brenda Watkins
December 2, 2019

Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson is taking this request for secrecy to a whole new level, by asking fans to sign a $1 million non-disclosure agreement prior to seeing his stand-up comedy shows.

Outcome of Sound, which first reported on the news, noted that according to various Twitter posts, Davidson has been requiring audience members to sign NDAs since November 7, when the Saturday Night Live star performed at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis.

Effect of Sound reports that fans who attended Pete's November 27th show in San Francisco were notified via email only "a few hours" before the event that they would be required to sign the legal document to attend. Not only does the NDA forbid you from broadcasting or sharing any part of Pete's show, it also precludes audiences from sharing any "opinions" of the performance or material on social media, or any other platform.

Punter Stacy Young - who had bought a ticket for the San Francisco performance - shared a copy of the alleged NDA on a Facebook post.

Should anyone who agreed to the terms set in the document decide to breach the agreement, they will be required "to pay $1 million in damages as well as the legal costs".

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Meanwhile, an employee for the venue has told the San Francisco Chronicle that the Goldstein Theatre team was told about the NDA the day before the show took place. "But to not be allowed to express an opinion, whether I liked it or not, is off-putting in an Orwellian thought police way".

She said: "I didn't want to sign it because it was basically saying that I wasn't able to comment on it or have an opinion".

Variety has confirmed with sources that those going to the "SNL" star's upcoming Chicago show will also be asked to sign the same NDA.

Davidson's next show is scheduled for December 9 in Hollywood, Florida.

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