Super Mario Maker 2 update adds Link’s Master Sword, new course parts

Ruben Fields
December 2, 2019

In this mode, you'll be able to compete with other players for the fastest completion time in a number of Nintendo-made courses.

Hold onto your Minish Caps, Legend of Zelda fans: Nintendo has announced a medley of new features and items available in Super Mario Maker 2, one of which lets you don the green garb of the Hylian hero. Not only are classic enemies like Pokey and Spike being added to the game, but there's a whole new power-up for the Super Mario Bros. theme - the Master Sword! Hopefully it won't be long before we see more items from other famous Nintendo games added to Super Mario Maker 2. When it comes to building courses, there are also unbreakable "P" blocks and high-speed Dash blocks. The new down-thrust move will defeat usually protected enemies like spike-covered Spinies that can easily kill Mario.

The P Block and Switch turn invisible P Blocks to platforms or vice versa.

Pokey: The iconic stacked cactus from multiple Super Mario games joins Super Mario Maker 2 for the first time.

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The Spike enemy spews massive spike balls and launches them at Mario.

Shipping alongside the Master Sword is a new game mode called Ninji Speedruns. If used in the snow environment, Spike will toss snowballs instead! You compete against rivals and their "Ninji Ghosts" from around the world.

According to Nintendo, the Ninji Ghosts that appear on your playthrough are selected from player data at a similar performance level. Nintendo will also distribute courses on their own, which grant extra stamps and Mii costumes.

Each Ninji Speedrun event will run for about one week, with new courses distributed periodically. Players can still run the course alongside Ninji Ghosts and collect stamps even after the event period has ended.

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