'At Least 208' Killed In Iran Unrest, Says Amnesty International

Clay Curtis
December 3, 2019

Demonstrations over the gas increase began in approximately 100 cities on November 15, and Amnesty International confirmed on Tuesday the number massacred by the Islamic regime had reached at least 208. It claimed the armed rioters, from an oil-rich area whose mainly Arab population frequently complain of discrimination by the central government, fought with security personnel for hours.

Mahshahr in Iran's southwestern Khuzestan province was believed to be hard-hit in the crackdown.

At least 208 people in Iran were killed since protests broke out last month over the government's decision to raise fuel prices, Amnesty International said Monday.

Iranian officials disputed Amnesty's findings on Tuesday, though no evidence was offered to support the denials.

"They announced some numbers as well as some names". The state rejected Amnesty's previous numbers.

"They're just simple people who wanted to go out and protest to gain their political freedom and their political rights inside of Iran".

Iran has yet to release any nationwide statistics over the unrest that gripped the Islamic Republic beginning November 15 with minimum prices for government-subsidized gasoline rising by 50%.

Trump encouraged reporters "to get in there and see what's going on", noting that the Iranian government has curtailed internet access to limit the spread of information about the violence. The restoration of the web in latest days throughout a lot of the nation has seen different movies floor.

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During a visit to London on Tuesday, President Trump said Iran was "killing perhaps thousands and thousands of people right now as we speak".

It added that it had compiled the death toll by interviewing and crosschecking a range of sources inside and outside Iran including victims' relatives, journalists and human rights activists involved in gathering the information.

Iranian state TV separately acknowledged confronting "rioters" in Tehran, as well as in the cities of Shiraz and Sirjan. It described the suburb as likely one of the areas with the highest toll of those killed in the unrest.

Mansoureh Mills, another Amnesty Iran researcher who spoke to VOA Persian, said it has taken days to verify the deaths of individual protesters, making it likely that the actual number of those killed is significantly higher than what the group has been able to confirm so far.

"Since the Iranian authorities have previously shown they are unwilling to carry out independent, impartial and effective investigations into unlawful killings and other arbitrary use of force against protesters, we are calling on the global community to help ensure accountability". Some families are also being forced to make extortionate payments to have the bodies of their loved ones returned to them. "Families have been forced to bury their loved ones at night under heavy security presence".

Iran's United Nations mission in NY called Amnesty's findings "unsubstantiated", without elaborating.

A correspondent said "rioters" had attacked sensitive or military sites with guns or knives, and taken people hostage, leaving security forces with no choice to "resort to authoritative and tough confrontation" to save lives.

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