Google back in EU's antitrust crosshairs

Daniel Fowler
December 3, 2019

Regulators are hoping to determine whether Facebook places restrictions on data use by third-party companies in exchange for access to APIs for its core platform and Instagram.

The European Commission appears to be scrutinizing a broad swathe of Google's data. The Commission is particularly interested in the local search, advertising and web browser services Google provides, Reuters said.

Regulators also wanted to know the kind of data sought by Google, how it uses it and how valuable the companies consider such data.

It was just earlier last month when Facebook's online marketplace attracted scrutiny from the European Union antitrust regulators.

The body told Reuters it started preliminary investigations into how both companies handle data.

Two years ago, the European Commission slapped Google with a multi-billion dollar fine for breaching its antitrust rules. To date, the EC has fined Google more than $9 billion for alleged "abuse of market position" and related antitrust violations.

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The European Commission has confirmed it is investigating Google's collection and use of data, suggesting the EU has further regulatory action in store for the search and advertising giant.

The Chocolate Factory appealed the Android fine and responded to the €4.3bn fine and judgment by forcing manufacturers to pay Google a fee to include its suite of apps, which include Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Play. In the past, it explained that it used data to improve its services and gave users controls to manage and delete their info. Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson said in September that the sheer number of attorneys general involved sends a "strong message to Google".

The EU executive said it was seeking information on how and why Alphabet unit Google is collecting data, confirming a Reuters story on Friday.

"We will continue to engage with the Commission and others on this important discussion for our industry".

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