Android's 'Focus Mode' leaves beta, now available on all Digital Wellbeing devices

Ruben Fields
December 4, 2019

This past August, Digital Wellbeing beta testers were treated to a new feature called "Focus mode" - allowing you to pause specific apps/games to help keep you, well, focused. If you try to open them, Focus mode will "remind you that app is paused", Android project manager Dayson Pais writes in a blog post announcing the rollout. Focus mode will also silence those apps' notifications until you're ready to switch out of the mode. And the new "Take a Break" feature will allow you to temporarily snooze focus mode. "This means you can use your phone without interruptions from apps you don't need right away". You could, of course, bypass the notification and use the app anyways, but the idea is that Focus mode will give you an extra reminder to keep your brain on the task at hand.

With its exiting of beta, Google detailed that the Digital Wellbeing extension will have a few new features to play with. "This is especially handy for setting daily schedules; you can minimize distractions during the hours you're at work, school or home", the company explained. Google says you can end Focus Mode and it'll resume in line with your schedule the next day. Since then, Google has expanded access to Digital Wellbeing features and further integrated its features - including parent control app Family Link - into the Android OS.

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Microsoft announced the full release today, confirming all the different ways you can play it in the process. While only two of the games were available on PC, many of them were exclusive to the Xbox.

This new Focus mode feature is now available on all Android 9 and Android 10 devices that currently have Digital Wellbeing and parental controls settings.

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