Climate activist Greta Thunberg lands in Lisbon ahead of COP25 climate summit

Clay Curtis
December 4, 2019

Climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived Tuesday by catamaran in the port of Lisbon after a three-week voyage across the Atlantic Ocean from the United States.

Portugal's environment minister Matos Fernandes thanked Greta for her activism in a letter last Thursday, having already departed for COP25.

Out: the blurry pics she posted while out at sea.

"We need to work together to make sure that we secure future living conditions for humankind and that we fight for not only ourselves but for our children and for our grandchildren and for every single living being on earth", the teenage activist told reporters. "We are all looking forward to see you there!"

"I think people are underestimating the force of angry kids, '" Thunberg said. "If they want us to stop being angry, then maybe they should stop making us angry".

The Swede, who has become the face of young people's demands for climate action, made a point of returning to Europe by sea rather than fuel-guzzling plane.

She had expected to be heading for Chile, but the South American nation passed the hosting of the COP25 summit meeting to Spain following violent anti-government protests.

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The white 48-foot (15-meter) yacht carrying Thunberg, her father Svante, an Australian family and professional sailor Nikki Henderson sailed into Lisbon amid blue skies, with a small flotilla of boats escorting it to harbor.

Thunberg will take an overnight train from Lisbon to Madrid and is expected to arrive Wednesday to attend the summit, which began on Monday and finishes on December 13.

Ms Thunberg has not yet decided when or how she will travel to Madrid, a spokesman said, adding that one option was an overnight train to the Spanish capital.

"Many people say that nothing will come out of the COP25". "I feel unusual when I get applauded by people in power. because it's obvious that it's them I'm criticizing but they can't show that in front of the cameras", she said.

Thunberg rose to prominence after she started spending her Fridays outside Sweden's parliament in August 2018, holding a sign reading "school strike for climate".

Greta Thunberg talks to reporters after her arrival to NY in August.

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