Facebook Blocks Conservative Party Ad Using BBC Footage

Clay Curtis
December 4, 2019

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg repeated Monday his refusal to remove political ads on the social network, even if the ads contain false information.

King points out that a group of 250+ Facebook employees signed a petition asking the company to reverse its stance, echoing some of what Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently said about how political candidates shouldn't be able to pay for the kind of reach and micro-targeting of voters that social media now allows.

In a statement, Facebook said: "We have removed this content following a valid intellectual property claim from the rights holder, the BBC".

Requested in regards to the letter through the CBS interview, Zuckerberg stated "this is clearly a very complex issue".

The framing of King's question-that Zuckerberg, not Trump, was the one at the dinner being lobbied-was notable to Financial Times reporter Kadhim Shubber.

"Quite a whole lot of other folk occupy pretty hundreds of utterly different opinions", he acknowledged, repeating his stand that folk must "take into chronicle for themselves what politicians are announcing".

A Facebook report of advertisements run in the seven days to November 30 showed just 201 Conservative adverts were in the platform's Ad Library, with the party spending thousands of pounds less than the Liberal Democrats, Labour or Brexit Party in that time.

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The video featured Ms Kuenssberg, the BBC's political editor, saying "pointless delay to Brexit", while newsreader Huw Edwards says: "Another Brexit delay".

Facebook has chose to kill a 15-second ad from the U.K. Conservative Party due to intellectual property concerns.

Facebook is facing a backlash because it did not become a member of Twitter, which stopped accepting political ads last month.

Zuckerberg also said President Trump didn't try to lobby him during a private meeting in October at the White House.

"I mean... we talked about a number of things that were on his mind".

Requested if Trump tried to foyer him about Fb's insurance policies by host Gayle King, Zuckerberg stated "No".

ZUCKERBERG: "Ah, sure, I mean, we talked about, ahm, a number of things that were on his mind, and, um, some of the topics that you'd read about in the news around, around, um, our work". "I moreover are making an are trying to recognize that it used to be a personal dinner and ... non-public discussion".

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