'Misleading' Deliveroo ad banned after attracting 300 complaints

Brenda Watkins
December 4, 2019

The Advertising Standards Authority said it might mislead viewers to think they "could order food from different restaurants to be delivered together". A Deliveroo spokesman mentioned the advert highlighted the vary of meals out there by means of the app. KFC was additionally censured by the ASA - for a printed advert that includes the phrase: "What the Cluck?!"

The ad received 40 complaints, which is a lot for the ASA.

The number one most complained about ad of 2019 is GoCompare's TV spot that saw its flamboyant leading man Gio Compario get behind the wheel.

This recent advert was first aired back in September of this year, and the actress calls out the names of the different food outlets that her family has received meals from in her sole delivery. Droga5's first work since it picked up the account, the ad has so far brought in a whopping 336 complaints from concerned viewers who felt it trivialized vehicle crashes.

An advert for Cheltenham Fireworks involving a poster with a picture of a dog wearing ear defenders received 317 complaints, with most saying that it made light of the animal distress caused by fireworks.

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Responding to the latest ban, Deliveroo said the advert clearly stated on screen that "separate orders must be made for each restaurant" and had offered to make this clearer.

Whilst the small print did state that "geographical restrictions apply" and "separate orders must be made for each restaurant" - this was lost on many viewers who were under the impression that their order would be delivered all in one go, with just one delivery fee incurred.

Deliveroo said it was clear that the ad was not set in an ordinary household and that it was not showing an ordinary Deliveroo order. It said this was reinforced when the lady jumps into the Deliveroo bag and disappears.

The company said this was illustrated by the "magic bag" the mother disappeared into, which "drew on the classic pulling-a-rabbit-from-a-hat magic trick".

The ASA said in a ruling published on Wednesday: "The ad featured a scenario in which food ordered from different restaurants was delivered to the same household at the same time". The ASA therefore banned the ad in its current form.

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