SpaceX Rocket Launch From Cape Canaveral, Florida On December 4, 2019

Katie Ramirez
December 5, 2019

"As of now, we're tracking no issues on Falcon 9, none on Dragon and we're on track with regards to timeline", said Jessica Jensen, director of Dragon Mission Management at SpaceX.

Two RELL units are on board the station right now: the first RELL launched in 2015, and it proved to be such a success that a second RELL was launched as a backup earlier this year.

The hotel, RiTS will be attached to the outside of the ISS to create and save storage on the inside.

This will be the third trip to the space station for the recycled Dragon. The name explains exactly what they are used for - finding leaks on the external hull of the International Space Station.

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Deploying detection robots usually takes much longer when the tool is not externally stored.

The U.S space agency NASA is going to send a "robot hotel" to the outside of the International Space Station with the upcoming SpaceX commercial resupply mission. It depends on the availability of mission controllers on the ground and station crew. It also needs to be bought outside the space station using the Dextre robotic arm- used to perform maintenance operations. Eastern Time from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

NASA plans on employing RiTS and RELL systems on the Lunar Gateway and human habitats on other planets. The leak detectors have mass spectrometers that can find leaks from the space station, NASA officials said.

The new place of residence for these robots was developed by the Satellite Servicing Projects Division at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland in collaboration with the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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