Pete Buttigieg bows to pressure, explains his old consulting job

Clay Curtis
December 9, 2019

This request in particular is complicated by the fact that Buttigieg has signed a nondisclosure agreement with the firm that forbids him from mentioning his clients.

Buttigieg released the names of 23 campaign bundlers in April, but his campaign has not disclosed any names since.

"The bulk of my work on these teams consisted of doing mathematical analysis, conducting research, and preparing presentations". He said he analyzed the effects of price cuts on items for a grocery store chain, and he examined opportunities to sell more energy-efficient products for a "consumer goods retail chain" in another project.

His clients, he said, included a chain of retail stores in Toronto, a climate-change project in CT, and a USA government effort to increase entrepreneurship in Iraq and Afghanistan. "And I am asking my former employer to do the right thing, to not make me choose between claiming the moral high ground and going back on my word".

Buttigieg's reference to releasing his tax returns was one of several jabs he has thrown at the transparency of his fellow candidates, particularly Sen.

Warren, who worked in the private sector during her tenure as a law professor at Harvard, has released the names of clients that she defended as a bankruptcy lawyer, but not her tax returns. After a Democratic Party fundraiser in Boston on Thursday night, Warren blasted Pete Buttigieg, who is emerging as a leading moderate candidate in the lead-off Iowa caucuses set for February 3.

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On Thursday, Warren called Buttigieg to open his fundraisers to reporters: "I think that Mayor Pete should open up the doors so that anyone can come in and report on what's being said", she said during a gaggle after speaking at the IWillVote gala in Boston.

The need for Buttigieg to distance himself from McKinsey's secretive corporate reputation and address his closed-door fundraisers goes beyond being able to counter attacks from his opponents.

Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg criticized the disruption of a gathering of some African American supporters and blamed it on the political "climate that we're in", NBC News is reporting.

Buttigieg would also ban for-profit charter schools, which are publicly funded but privately run, sometimes by for-profit companies. "And I signed a legal document about client names and I am calling on McKinsey to release me from that".

Buttigieg, who has never held statewide or federal office, is battling Sanders, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, and former Vice President Joe Biden for the lead in national polls for the Democratic nomination to challenge Trump in the November 2020 election.

He will not heed calls for him to break the NDA, he stated. "And resolve it in the cleanest way it can be".

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