United Kingdom minister concerned over election interference after leaked documents

Clay Curtis
December 9, 2019

On Friday, social media site Reddit said it believed the documents had been leaked by a campaign that originated in Russian Federation, fuelling fears that Moscow was seeking to interfere in Britain's election.

A series of discovered accounts, including the one that posted the leaked documents and others that manipulated the votes on the post, 'have the same shared pattern as the original Secondary Infektion group, ' Reddit said in its disclosure. All 650 seats in the House of Commons are up for grabs.

After the original account posted the documents, they were then reposted by another account, u/ostermaxnn.

Presently, Reddit has declared that it returned to the first post and "along with indicators from law enforcement" linked it to a "pattern of coordinated behaviour." accordingly, it has prohibited the r/ukwhistleblower subreddit and 61 records from the stage, with their names distributed in a post so individuals can see which accounts are known to be included.

'As far as I'm aware we haven't yet established the truth about that, but what I certainly think is that document, whatever it was meant to prove, did not prove what Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party hoped it would prove.

Labour's shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald reiterated his call for Mr Johnson to release an intelligence report into Russian covert actions in the United Kingdom, which No 10 has been accused of suppressing until after the election. The issue has been a central election theme, largely because the country deeply cherishes the health service, which has suffered under years of austerity. Labour claimed they proved Prime Minister Boris Johnson would put the NHS "up for sale" to secure a deal with President Donald Trump. Corbyn has repeatedly waved them at campaign events to publicly accuse Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Conservatives of putting the NHS at risk in talks on a future free-trade deal with the U.S. Johnson has consistently denied he would open the healthcare system to U.S. interests, calling the charge "pure Bermuda-triangle stuff" during the most recent debate.

Britain is now scheduled to leave the 28-nation European Union on January 31.

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Horowitz is set to testify on the report's findings on Wednesday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Trump said Saturday he was "looking forward" to the release of the inspector general's report.

"This is such nonsense", Corbyn slammed a statement made earlier by Reddit alleging links to a purported Russian campaign, according to Sky News.

"When we released the documents, at no stage did the prime minister or anybody deny that those documents were real", he added.

"I understand from what was being put on that website, those who seem to know about these things say that it seems to have all the hallmarks of some form of interference", Morgan said. "And if that is the case, that obviously is extremely serious".

On Friday, social media site Reddit it believed the documents had been leaked by a campaign that originated in Russian Federation, fuelling fears that Moscow was seeking to interfere in Britain's election.

"The issues are that those documents show exactly what the British government was doing in discussions with Donald Trump's administration in the United States of America and also why the prime minister has refused to release the report on Russian interference in British politics, which he's been sitting on for a very long time".

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson expressed concern about claims of Russian involvement in the emergence of the documents.

"All of us should be concerned if a foreign country is trying to interfere in our democracy", she said.

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