Dragon spacecraft delivers cargo to ISS

Katie Ramirez
December 11, 2019

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SpaceX made an early vacation supply to the International Space Station on Sunday, dropping off super muscular "mighty mice", pest-killing worms, and a wise, empathetic robotic.

A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship carrying over 5,700 lbs.

Shane Kimbrough, a NASA astronaut now residing on board the International Space Station, registered his ballot in Tuesday's presidential elections, according to a Tumblr article by NASA.

A 3rd cargo ship, a U.S. Cygnus spacecraft constructed by Northrop Grumman, can also be docked on the space station (it arrived in early November), in addition to two totally different Soyuz crew capsules for the six Expedition 61 crew members to make use of once they go away the International Space Station for the return to Earth.

The capsule holds three tons (2,720 kilograms) of providers, together with forty mice for a bone and muscle experiment.

The main attraction of this transport on the ISS is undoubtedly CIMON 2 (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion 2), a spherical droid equipped with microphones, video cameras, and a series of programs that allow you to recognize emotions.

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The SpaceX Dragon also delivered a "friendly" robot called CIMON-2 that would serve the astronauts for the next three years. It's designed for human interaction and to help the astronauts with tasks as it autonomously navigates around the European Columbus research module on the space station.

The International Space Station is running out of docking ports.

"As a part of the critical IFA test, SpaceX engineers will configure the Crew Dragon to trigger a launch escape shortly after liftoff and demonstrate Crew Dragon's capability to safely separate from the Falcon 9 rocket in the unlikely event of an in-flight emergency", NASA officials said in the statement.

There are two leak-hunting robots on the space station.

The company is signed up to continue resupply missions through 2024.

Named Cimon, it's an improved version of what flew up past year to be tested as an astronaut's helper.

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