Oculus Quest hand-tracking support release date announced

Ruben Fields
December 11, 2019

With the advancements, its also possible that Oculus will eventually offer a more accurate experience by using its software to track one's finger tips and use their hands as they would without controllers.

Have you ever wanted to use your hands as controllers?

Oculus says hand-tracking on the Quest is rolling out as Quest software v12, and it can be enabled through the Experimental Features menu. With hand tracking, you won't have to use the Oculus Touch controllers to take advantage of the Quest's tracking capabilities. Oculus has said this will just be the beginning and the company is planning to roll out new features that will help improve the experience of hand tracking on Oculus Quest in 2020. Hand tracking for consumers is available this week, and as for developers, the SDK will be launching next week.

As for third-party experiences that leverage hand tracking, Oculus says it expects those will start to arrive next year.

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Oculus reported the Quest's hand-following controls and backing for Rift games on Quest (by means of the Oculus link) at its yearly Connect meeting in September. For now, only the Library and Store interfaces on the Oculus browser as well as Oculus TV apps will work.

Hand tracking will be shipping in the version 12 update for Quest. It will soon be gaining access to a new and exciting technology called "hand tracking".

Starting next week, you can begin building hand tracking-enabled Quest applications using our updated APIs like VrAPI which will now include three hand pose functions: vrapi_GetHandSkeleton, vrapi_GetHandPose, and vrapi_GetHandMesh.

The move, while still a small one, marks a major step forward for virtual reality headset's like the Ouculus Quest which had traditionally required the use of additional hardware - a set of handheld controllers - for games and other apps. This will particularly be the case with Qualcomm's next-generation AR and VR chips that promise to deliver better hand and face tracking headsets in 2020.

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