Google Fi's Wi-Fi calling and spam protection expand to more phones

Ruben Fields
December 12, 2019

As part of the new Feature drop, Pixel users can now blur the background of an image even when the portrait mode was not used.

The improvements to Call Screen, which were previewed last month thanks to some hints in code, will allow the Google Assistant on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL to automatically filter calls for you.

A new predictive voice model should help you hear complete words and phrases, even when your correspondent's connection gets inconsistent.

The quality of its operation will probably depend on the quality and resolution of the photos, but it is rather nice that the company suddenly gives you all this flexibility with the old photos.

Google is going to start giving the Pixel line more than just monthly security updates and yearly major OS updates.

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We already know that one of having a Google Pixel compared to other Android phones is that they receive updates from the platform before, but they are also updated for (usually) longer. "Auto-framing keeps your face centered during your Duo video calls, even as you move around, thanks to Pixel 4's wide-angle lens". There's also the ability to block particular numbers. Google say that it is possible on the Pixel 4 due to its wide angled lens - imagine how much better it'd be with an ultra-wide lens that every other manufacturer uses. There are some general Pixel enhancements along with some app-specific enhancements. The carrier announced today that it would be bringing the full Fi feature-set to all compatible devices. By the way, Google only mentions the Pixel 4 but the Pixel 3 have dual front lens with an ultra-angular.

This feature drop should improve the memory management for all Pixels. Starting on Pixel 4 in the US, Assistant can recognize spam calls that are detected and silenced before they ever interrupt your day at which point Google will screen the call if it turns out to be something worth your time.

Digital Wellbeing updates include Focus mode will roll out to help you minimize distractions by pausing apps you've selected in a single tap. According to Google, "Your phone proactively compresses cached applications so that users can run multiple applications at the same time - like games, streaming content and more".

What do you think about Google's new approach?

The Pixel 4 is getting some new features.

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