The Show Will Start Arriving on Other Platforms in 2021 — Sony's Major League Baseball

Tanya Simon
December 12, 2019

That forced EA to stop making Major League Baseball games.

By 2021, we could possibly be seeing MLB The Show appear on next-generation consoles, though there is no mention of which specific consoles the game series could end up appearing on by that time.

Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. While this isn't confirmation that future games will come to Switch, Nintendo of America retweeted the announcement, suggesting they might be interested in seeing that happen. But times change, and this is a change that will benefit the entire baseball and video game community.

One of the big console exclusives that Sony has every year is MLB: The Show. However, some social media reactions to the news implies that the series will eventually hit both Xbox and Nintendo consoles. As of now, this is all we have with more details announced at a later date.

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It's now unclear if Sony will produce the game on different consoles. Meanwhile, sports video games have become an increasingly less competitive genre as publishers weigh the cost of licensing and annual releases.

The Show has, for many years, been about the only worthwhile baseball game on the market.

A few months earlier, MLB The Show introduced its first competitive bracket allowing players to compete for a cash prize of a few thousand dollars. The NFL has had an exclusive licensing deal with EA's "Madden NFL" franchise since 2006.

The next game in the series, MLB: The Show 20, launches in March on PS4. Along with that anniversary, Major League Baseball said in a statement, will come "a variety of unique promotions and new gameplay features" for The Show.

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