9-year-old prodigy leaves university without graduating

Clay Curtis
December 13, 2019

The university representatives denied having acted badly and said they had given Laurent special treatment during the course of their study.

A nine-year-old Belgian boy named Laurent Simons made headlines that he was set to become world's youngest to graduate from the University.

Laurent's father, Alexander Simons, portrayed his withdrawal from TUE as a response to the university's alleged attempt to block his son's enrollment in the US school concurrently.

Simons hails from a family of doctors and his family had initially dismissed claims from his grandparents that he is a genius until teachers confirmed it.

That was better than keeping a bored Laurent in school, where he was resented for being too fast and felt his fellow pupils were too slow, Mr Simons said.

The exact date of Laurent's graduation had never really been an issue for the family, he said, but became one as they felt the university was reacting to their plans to move the boy's further education overseas.

But in a meeting with the dean and Laurent's mentor on Monday, the 3 were allegedly said that Laurent wouldn't be capable to graduate in the 10 months they were promised, but instead, it would take another 6 to 8 months.

The institution further maintained that the boy's engineering course should last for at least three years but the father wanted him to finish it within 10 months.

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However, the boy's parents decided not to accept the offer and immediately ended Laurent's study in Eindhoven.

"Sometimes you succeed some, sometimes you fail some", Simons told, remarking that he thinks his son has a "better future ahead" no matter what. "Laurent is not their belonging".

"It's very peculiar that this all comes right at the time when we were finalizing our plans for Laurent's PhD at a different university", Simons told Reuters.

The university found the decision to leave "regrettable", and "maintains they never try to keep our students to ourselves". "It would never be a motivation to frustrate somebody".

TUE said in its statement that it was "regrettable" that the Simons had rejected the new timetable.

However, Laurent accused the university of changing the dates after he argued about his failure in an oral examination. "The door is therefore still open for him to resume the study as long as the conditions remain realistic".

"We don't want to have pressure on him", he was quoted by CNN.

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