Another Star Wars Actor Is Unhappy With the Series, Who is He?

Brenda Watkins
December 13, 2019

"I'm sure he's not being intentionally malicious but it comes off glib and cruel, and given how many people die by suicide from online bullying, I'm ashamed he doesn't know better than to say something like this."

The actor took to social media in June 2018 to slam "Star Wars" fans who were harassing actors. "Okay, I can't believe you're making me do this, but..."

Amazon has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker this morning, and fans have already figured out how to access it via Amazon's website and Fire TV. "Someone can be a Reylo and then you know, someone can like the fact that you know, Finn and Poe are together".

For those who didn't follow the Dark Side of the response to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there was a small but annoying voice part of the fandom that was extremely toxic.

"I guess the original Star Wars films there was much more of a trio feel where it was essentially about Luke's journey, but Han and Leia there was a strong dynamic, which I think, I don't know how quickly we're going to be able to establish that longterm dynamic with [Episode] Nine". Maybe a tomb? I'm not as well-versed in Star Wars lore as the rest of you: is this a location we've seen before? Carrie Fisher will appear as General Leia Organa through the use of previously unreleased footage shot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. So it's kind of like [shrugs] it is what it is.

These are the most Googled terms of 2019
Folks also really wanted to know what is Area 51, a VSCO girl, a boomer, and quid pro quo. It was Disney, though, that really captured the 2019 zeitgeist .

Others also accused Boyega of calling Tran weak.

"I was in no way referring to Kelly when I made my comments even though the interviewer mentioned her on the subject". "I was really speaking from my own perspective throughout this franchise".

Following Tran's harassment, she wrote an essay where she talked about about dealing with the bullying, noting that it "wasn't their words, it's that I started to believe them".

What do you make of John Boyega's comments?

What do you think of the comments and requests of FN-2187??

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