Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will hack and slash in fall 2020

Ruben Fields
December 15, 2019

Dark Alliance is defined to release in autumn 2020 and is the product of all the Coast acquiring Tuque Games to develop the next Dungeons & Dragons video game. The game does not lack narrative, since it's place to follow Drizzt Do'Urden, the drow created and made famous by R.A. Salvatore, along side three of the partners, Catti-Brie, Bruenor, and Wulfgor. Where the core Baldur's Gate titles on PC focused on tactical action and deep storytelling, the Dark Alliance games were hack-and-slash romps more in line with Blizzard North's and Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo titles. Hattem was very cagey in the Eurogamer interview, revealing very few details apart from the fact that it's not a free-to-play game.

Although little is known about the story of Dark Alliance yet, it will transport Drizzt and his companions away from the city of Baldur's Gate and instead to another iconic D&D local: the frigid lands of Icewind Dale.

Gizmodo: Invoking the name of such a beloved slice of the D&D world carries a lot of expectations, but at the same time, the loot-driven ARPG space Dark Alliance played in has evolved so much since the series came to a close.

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I'm sure Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance will be well worth it once it launches, but I have to admit, I cracked up at this trailer.

"If you want to do anything special you've got to take risks, rather than just making the same stuff", Hattem said. They've aged, obviously, but they exist. "We're trying to do something different and we're trying to delight players with something that's new". "It's the game I've wanted to make since 2013. So we're taking some risks and I hope they'll pay off".

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