Eddie Murphy Returns to Host SNL This Saturday Night

Brenda Watkins
December 22, 2019

Since he hosted in 1984, just a few months after his last episode as a cast member, Murphy has only returned to SNL to make an appearance on the 40th anniversary special, and now he's finally back for what might be the most anticipated show of all time.

However Eddie opted not to do the traditional promo featuring some of the amusing and often corny tidbits from his predecessors, but this promo makes a statement.

Lizzo was so excited to be the musical visitor for the December 21 episode of "Saturday Night time Reside" that she twerked on host and "SNL" alum Eddie Murphy proper in entrance of Kenan Thompson! When Spade joined the show in 1990, he had a segment called "Hollywood Minute", and he joked about the failure of Murphy's movie, Vampire in Brooklyn, and said, "Look, kids, it's a shooting star". Since he left the show in 1984, he has hardly looked back. I smelled it, it became part of folklore.

Murphy added with a smile, "She is so excited" as Lizzo jumped up and down and clapped, and simply because the industrial ended, Lizzo mentioned, 'Hercules!' which despatched Murphy, Thompson and unseen crew members right into a match of laughter. That's kinda one of the things that makes it dreamy.

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His kids stayed back a bit longer after the celebration before they were escorted by a bodyguard back to Jolie's house. Another source had previously informed E! that Pitt will 'spend part of the holidays with the kids in LA'.

"My old-fashioned fear came back. How many people have come off this show whose careers really are f**ked up, and you guys are s**ting on me?' And you know every joke has to go through all the producers, and ultimately, you know, Lorne [Michaels] or whoever says, 'Okay, it's okay to make this career crack'".

"I'm thinking about making it as amusing as possible because I wanna shut [expletive] down when I do it", he said. When I heard, I used to be like Hell yeah!' "They did a little remodeling in the offices, but it was still the same spirit. and it's still the same big burst of nostalgia".

But it's Saturday Night Live that Murphy has to thank for the career he's forged.

Murphy said he may revive his SNL characters Gumby, Buckwheat, Mr. Robinson and Velvet Jones.

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