Spurs Coyote Professed His Eternal Love for Baby Yoda at Thursday's Game

Brenda Watkins
December 22, 2019

WhilePopular Mechanics-whichlists other Baby Yoda items and accessories, some already available and some coming down the pike-wonders if Disney was "blindsided" by Baby Yoda's popularity, implying the entertainment giant was left unprepared for a rush on Baby Yoda-branded merch during the holiday season, Variety offers a different explanation: Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau wanted to hold off on spoilers about the character for as long as possible before the series debuted.

From its wonderful statements about programming both IG-11 and Baby Yoda - "This is something that can not be taught with the twist of a spanner" - to a brilliant rethinking of TIE Fighter functionality, Nathan Martin and Fish Griwkowsky enthuse and look ahead - with zero Rise of Skywalker spoilers, PS.

Even Disney's CEO is shocked by how vast the response to The Mandalorian's star has been.

So, The Mandalorian episode 8 will be here before the year ends, arriving on Friday, Nov. 27.

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As seen in Coyote's presentation, the evidence is clear: Baby Yoda is, undeniably, the most adorable Star Wars character.

The group agrees for Kuiil to take The Child back to the Razor's Crest so it will be safe from The Client and the Stormtroopers. Their plan to keep Baby Yoda hidden - which is a awful plan by the way (he's sleeping, really?) - immediately goes awry, and that's before an attack from outside wipes out nearly everyone in the client's quarters.

The Mandalorian, Cara Dune and Greef Karga are all pinned down. He had been rewired to take care of different folks, so it is possible he can rescue Kuiil, given he didn't die immediately. After interfering with Mando's communications with Kuiil, he sends two Stormtroopers to intercept Kuiil before he gets to the ship - and they succeed, meaning the Imperial forces have Baby Yoda. This will all end in a huge fire fight in episode 8 that airs next week! We still don't know why Moff Gideon really wants The Child, but it must be because of his Force abilities. In terms of the trio who have been abandoned encompassed by Moff Gideon and his troops, possibly Paz Vizla along with another fellow Mandalorians may once more bail Mando from this tricky situation.

I'm hoping The Mandalorian calls his friends again as they helped him out big time at the end of episode 3. He then suggests they team up to destroy the client and his men - ensuring both Mando and Baby Yoda's safety and allowing the Guild to function freely once more.

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