Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Not Have Mercenaries Mode, Multiple Endings

Ruben Fields
January 11, 2020

Resident Evil 3 will be launching on April 3rd for PS4, Xbox One and PC and, hopefully, there'll be no giant spiders in sight (though the mutant worms have been confirmed, so there's that).

During certain moments in the original title, Jill would face a dilemma and two options, usually reduced to running or fighting. However, even for long-time fans of the series, the game will not be a 1: 1 remake, even more than the Resident Evil 2 The new version was a year ago.

As we reported earlier immediately, Resident Evil three is not going to function a number of endings or a playable Mercenaries mode.

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There will also be no more endings. Asked whether the launch date came too quickly, they said, "In fact, Master Rom is nearly completed". In that, you could go down different paths, leading to unique circumstances over the course of the game.

Mercenaries: Operation Mad Jackal was an unlockable mode included in the 1999 original, which had players revisiting the campaign as three soldiers from the main story.

Much like with Resident Evil 2's remake before it, RE3's remake had a lot to do with the army of devoted fans spamming Capcom's headquarters with letters. He didn't state if it was due to a lack of development time, or if there just wasn't any interest in including it. But for the time being, players will have to focus on the single-player adventure that's at hand, as well as the Project Resistance multiplayer game. But the question is if they believe it's the full package. And the latter is scheduled for release on April 3, 2020. I saw a rumor that said the first person shot we saw in the debut trailer could be indicating a kind of escape scenario that takes place in the first person. It's available for pre-order on Steam now. This might disappoint some since it has become a big series staple but when you consider how they're including Resident Evil: Resistance, a 4-on-1 multiplayer game in a similar style to Dead by Daylight, this is an okay sacrifice.

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