'Apex Legends': New modes are announced in Grand Soiree trailer

Ruben Fields
January 12, 2020

There won't be pressure to play every day of the event, but it's worth at least playing every mode, as you'll net yourself a new badge.

In a trailer streamed through the official Apex Legends YouTube account, Respawn revealed a new, upcoming event for the Free-to-Play game: The Grand Soirée, a retro celebration of the new year hosted by Pathfinder full of throwback costumes and thrilling combat.

The dress code is "formal skins" and the entire crew seems to have followed orders, donning an array of Art Deco inspired outfits and cosmetics.

There will be seven rotating limited-time modes, some of which will be familiar like Armed and risky.

The Grand Soirée will let you mess around in seven different modes, rotating every two days.

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As the Holo-day and Winter Express LTM came to an end this week, players were expecting news of the next big content drop to hit some time soon. Great name but we have no idea what that is.

During this Fortnite of events, there will be a bonus scoring weekend.

Respawn has also overhauled the rewards with a new prize track system that provides everyone with more rewards and more ways to earn. From January 17, 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 GMT to January 20, 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 GMT, players will have the opportunity to grab more event-specific rewards through challenges. Complete these to earn arcade points and extras.

As with previous Themed Events, the direct-purchase shop will contain a mix of legendary skins, as well as other Art Deco-inspired cosmetics at a $5 price point. There are six new legendary skins also in the core loot pool, which will be craftable or available through Apex Packs.

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