Tiffany & Co uses ads to tell the PM to fight climate change

Katie Ramirez
January 13, 2020

People across Australia are calling on the government to implement stronger climate measures.

NSW's National Parks and Wildlife Service staff load carrots and sweet potatoes to air-drop for animals in wildfire-stricken areas, in Wollemi National Park, Australia, on January 10, 2020.

"Although we have tremendous experience in identifying risky trees, sometimes these tree breaks can not be predicted", said Hardman.

The tragedy claimed at least 27 lives in a crisis that has seen more than 2,000 homes destroyed and scorched in an area larger than the state of in since September. Four of the casualties have been firefighters.

Authorities are using relatively benign conditions forecast in southeast Australia for a week or more to consolidate containment lines around scores of fires that are likely to burn for weeks without heavy rainfall.

The crisis has brought accusations that Prime Minister Scott Morrison's conservative government needs to take more action to counter climate change, which experts say has worsened the blazes.

On Saturday, protests were held throughout Australia and elsewhere in the world, including London, against the federal government's inaction to date.

But he said any change would be done without "shutting down traditional industries" or with new taxes.

The government has been widely criticised at home and overseas for supporting the coal mining sector and for promoting weak climate policies that scientists say will fail to achieve deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions.

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Mr Morrison told Speers the bushfire zones "are sensitive, emotional environments" and that there are things on the ground he could have handled differently. The government was now working through the details of the framework with local governments.

In an interview, the Australian PM said that there is obviously a need for a national review of the bushfire response.

Morrison said a national inquiry was necessary, including a Royal Commission judicial review, the country's highest form of investigation on issues in the public's interest. Another young lawmaker, Craig Kelly, has also publicly denied any link between climate change and the fire crisis.

State authorities have said a minority of fires are deliberately lit.

In response, he said the Cabinet and the Government "will continue to evolve our policies to meet our targets and to beat them".

In April 2019, former fire service chiefs warned Australia was ill-prepared for the upcoming fire season, and more action was needed to tackle climate change.

The fires have destroyed more than 2,000 homes and have focused many Australians on how the nation adapts to climate change. "Adaptation and resilience is key to that", Mr Morrison said. "But I am also very mindful, as is the government, of the very real scars that will be there for quite a period of time to come for those who've been exposed to the trauma of these bushfires".

"Within 24 hours of those fires erupting, Premier Brumby of Victoria and I had agreed that the Victorian emergency services and the Australian Defence Force would work together like that in responding to the crisis and on top of that the federal Department of Human Services was to work like that with the Victorian agencies in providing emergency relief to affected families".

Cooler weather conditions have brought a temporary respite for numerous country's burning areas over the weekend, but a firefighter died on duty in Victoria, where new flames sparked.

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