Pokemon Go : New Unova region Pokemon appearing in the Wild, Raid & Eggs

Ruben Fields
January 14, 2020

The new update will also soar the number of Pokemons from the Unova Region. The latest update adds a long awaited feature, Trade Evolution, as well as a new cast of Pokemon from the Unova region. If a coach got a through a transaction with another participant, that Pokemon is eligible for evolution together with the candy price that is discounted.

If you are looking for these sets of Pokemon to be seen on the game, this is your lucky day to go out and 'catch 'em all.'

By platform, Pokemon Go's revenue split is unusual among other location-based AR games in that Google Play accounts for the majority of revenue. Players will start to see Roggenrola, Tympola, Dwebble, Trubbish, Karrablast, Joltik and Shelmet appearing in the wild.

Though Trade Evolution was part of the Pokemon series because Red and Blue, using Pokemon such as Haunter, this is actually the first time that the trading mechanic has made some influence on the development process in the cell game.

In a blog article published on Friday, Pokemon GO disclosed it could be releasing a few Generation 5 Pokemon, which surfaced in Pokemon Black and White. You'll also be able to hatch Timburr, Archen, Tirtouga and Axew from 10km eggs.

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Timburr will make an appearance in one-star raids. Outside of sweets savings, Niantic can also be encouraging Pokemon transactions through its January research jobs and benefits for Pokemon GO players. There are also region exclusives based on where in the world you are.

Beyond that, Sigilyph will stick to Egypt and Greece whilst Maractus will hang out in Southern United States, Mexico, Central America, the Carribean and South America.

According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence figures, 2019 is the best year that Pokémon Go has had in terms of revenue, earning an estimated $894 million from player spending.

It's not bad when you consider Pokemon Go is a free download, and isn't particularly aggressive with its monetisation. You can find Pokemon Go on both iOS and Android devices.

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