China: Possible that new virus could spread between humans

Grant Boone
January 15, 2020

According to China's official Xinhua News Agency, the female passenger arrived in Thailand on 8 January, where she was hospitalised.

The threat of human-to-human transmission remains low, she said, as hundreds of people, including medical professionals, have been in close contact with infected individuals and have not been infected themselves.

Wuhan's health commission said on Wednesday that most of the patients diagnosed with the virus were male, and many were middle-aged or elderly.

It has been identified as a coronavirus, which can cause illnesses ranging from common colds to potentially deadly Sars.

According to RTHK, a group of Hong Kong TV reporters and their crews were taken to a police station in Wuhan after they took videos of the Huanan Seafood Market.

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Hong Kong authorities said on Tuesday that the number of people hospitalized with fever or respiratory symptoms in recent days after travelling to Wuhan had grown to 71, including seven new cases since Friday. The coronavirus is the same class of viruses behind conditions like SARS. She said it would be better to let the mainland experts comment on the infectivity of the disease as they were analyzing it. "So we're all on the lookout for it and this is something that shouldn't sneak up on our doorstep". The new type of coronavirus has been detected in 41 patients.

In the wet market, the new coronavirus was found in samples on the floor, tables and gloves near the seafood stores, instead of the wild animal stores that sell birds, guinea pigs, snakes, badgers and hedgehogs, Cheung added.

"Once the information comes out that this is an issue of concern things get escalated appropriately and we do make preparations", he said. But it said the husband, who worked at a seafood market suspected of being at the epicenter of the outbreak, was the first to fall ill, and that his wife did not have any exposure to the market.

"So we do have the capacity to sort of escalate our resources but as far as I know with this particular virus we haven't gotten that far yet".

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