On Taiwan's front with China, a constant state of vigilance

Clay Curtis
January 16, 2020

"It is absolutely the will of the 1.4 billion Chinese people that Taiwan secession must be prevented no matter what action needs to be taken", Times Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin said in a video directed at Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials.

That includes "a continuing commitment to the sorts of survivable, low-profile and networked defenses that can survive an initial Chinese attack and be resilient and lethal for weeks or months", Harold said.

But since the 1980s, it has morphed into one of Asia's most progressive democracies, although it is only diplomatically recognised by a dwindling handful of countries.

Will the United States stay with Taiwan?

"We hope that China can understand the opinion and will expressed by the Taiwanese people in these elections and review their current policies", Tsai told reporters in Taipei.

"Splitting the country is doomed to leave a name that will stink for eternity", Wang said in a statement on Monday.

"Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the Cabinet's Taiwan Affairs Office, said China would continue to insist on the so-called "'92 Consensus" that acknowledges both the self-governing island and the mainland as part of a single Chinese nation. Saying that Taiwan is constantly threatened by mainland China, she told BBC, "You can not exclude the possibility of war at any time".

Western defense analysts have advocated a "porcupine strategy" for Taiwan that would deter Beijing from military action by making it too painful for China to invade.

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The protest movement in Hong Kong also played a part in strengthening the yearning for democracy in Taiwan and resulting in a landslide victory for Tsai. "We deserve respect from China".

Supporters say the bill is aimed at clamping down on China's infiltration of Taiwan's politics while opponents called it anti-democratic.

Critics accuse Tsai of being needlessly antagonistic towards Beijing.

Tsai opposes unification but has never said that she would formally declare Taiwan's independence, which would provoke Beijing.

"Maintaining a status quo remains our policy. I think that is a very friendly gesture to China".

Tsai has repeatedly said she is willing to talk to Beijing as long as there are no pre-conditions.

In the last four years, the Chinese government has increased economic, military and diplomatic pressure on the island.

But the strong-arm tactics backfired with voters resoundingly backing Tsai for another four more years.

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